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Everyone wants to get better at golf - this is a simple routine to do when you can't practice!!
Education of the HANDS through the “Hitting Zone” with my son Corey McAlarney
My son Corey demonstrates a very popular move now in the modern swing that he learned as a young junior - the squat move from Ben Hogan to Dustin Johnson!
Learn the correct way to stay connected throughout the hitting zone and see by video analysis how it's done and looks. Cool tip/drill at the end of the segment!
“The Anti-Flip grip” Learn how you can spin your short bump shots and also use this particular grip to help you from flipping with your hands in your regular swing!
Curing the case of “ballitus”- Learn to hit through the ball- not at it!! Some cool tips on how to create more club head speed and penetration to the target!
This new set-up and mindset will give you a chance to get back that club head speed you once had!!
Technique behind the little nip/spin shot for around the greens!
“Park the car in the garage” illustrates how to get the hands to stay lower and around the lead side of the swing for better contact and connection!
The importance of a good club fitting featuring Juan Gomez who owns Prestige Golf and is “The” club fitter for some of the best tour players in the world!
Learn from ReMax long driving competitor and finalist in 2012-13 Eamon Evans! Watch as he shows us how he ‘Locks and Loads” to get the power he has, to launch his Driver over 350 yards!
Get all the facts on the single length irons from the club fitting “master” and our friend Juan Gomez, owner of Prestige Golf in Miami Florida!
Chris Killiany, president of the LIAA high school golf league and part of district 2, gives us his insights on the growth of women's golf !!
EPISODE #14 Part 1
CBD Oil and the use of it on the PGA tour & Senior tour! Learn more about it’s advantages from Dr. Jason Yusavage in the 1st part of 2 interesting segments for this episode!
EPISODE #14 Part 2
This is the second half of the review on CBD oil use on the PGA tours! Dr. Jason Yusavage explains the importance of making the right decision before purchasing and using CBD products - explaining CBD vs THC, what to watch for in labeling of potency, and types of products such as oils, sprays and rubs.
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