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30 Day PYGO Challenge

PYGO blends Pilates & Yoga moves with Golf swing positions

using Scotty’s patented “HZ Swing Trainer"  

to improve distance, accuracy, and mobility in every golf swing

especially in the HITTING ZONE - where it really counts!!!

PYGO Challenge Begins
Impact To Post Impact
Impact To Post Impact To Thru Swing
Impact To L Positions
Downswing To Squat Positions
C.B.S. Level 1 (Easy) 
C.B.S. Level 2 (Moderate)
C.B.S. Level 3 (Hard)
C.B.S. Level 4 (Challenging)
Downswing To Lag Positions Drill
Lag To Impact Positions Curling The Fingers
Hand Positions
Connection And Hand/Arm Positions
Pressure Point #5 Finger Roll On Lead Hand
C.B.S. Drill (Easy)
C.B.S. Drill (Moderate)
C.B.S. Drill (Hard)
C.B.S. Drill (Challenging)
Address To Impact With Chair Drill
Pull - Push Drill For Chipping
Hands And Club Position With Chair
Working Pressure Points #1 And #2
Working On A Downward Move For Better Lag
C.B.S. Drill (Balance)
C.B.S. Drill (Squat)
C.B.S. Drill (Core Twist)
C.B.S. Drill (Lunge)
Curling The 3 Fingers Of The Lead Hand
Scotty's Favorite Drill - 5 Drills In 1
Hold Positions From L To L On The downswing
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