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"The Hitting Zone Swing Trainer" is a golf training aid that can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. By combining this trainer with the Drill Freak video drills, you can easily improve your golf swing “skill set” in the hitting zone within minutes of use.
Some of the best players to ever play the game - Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, amongst the older generation golfers, and now players such as Freddy Couples, Jim Furyk, Sergio Garcia, Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson to name a few - have many different looks and swing positions “outside” of the “HITTING ZONE” !
You may have heard that “Impact is the most important part of the golf swing”, or that “the ball only knows impact” from many golf instructors. This may be true, but getting there to good impact and penetrating down through the ball, and getting better low point after impact is essential to hitting it flush! Sounds
complicated right? Not really, because after watching our swing training videos, and using the “HITTING ZONE” Swing Trainer, you will be on your way for hitting more greens, more fairways, and possessing effortless power !!
The hitting zone makes up a small area of the full golf swing that is basically hip height on both sides of your body. Anything that takes place in this area is vital for producing great, solidly struck golf shots! I have personally researched, studied and analyzed many of the best golfers from around the world - from Ben Hogan to Tiger Woods to Dustin Johnson, and I can tell you that outside of the hitting zone they look different in a few ways, but as they enter the hitting zone, they basically all look the same at pre-impact, impact, and post-impact positions.
Regardless of your swing style, when using our Drill Freak “HITTING ZONE” swing trainer, along with our Drill Freak hitting zone drills, you will see “immediate” results at a fraction of the cost that most golf gadgets cost for improving you golf swing.
Drill Freak’s “Hitting Zone” swing trainer is simply the easiest and most cost effective way to engrain “Pro Like” positions regardless of your swing style and then be on your way to lower scores. SHOW ME THE RED!!

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